Thursday, January 30, 2014

Please Feed Yourself When I'm Not Home...It's Really Hot When You Do

Let me guess...
You get a home cooked meal almost every night, don't you? And its probably really, really good, isn't it? But if your wife/husband/domestic partner/BFF roommate/beard is not the one cooking, you are probably gonna reach for your phone and order out.


Step away from the pizza box and feed yourself please. Sometimes we may not be home because we're out of town, or we're working late or its our night out but it doesn't mean that we don't want you to eat well. Exactly the opposite, my love. We get incredible joy from making meals for you and we just want to hear that instead of having a bowl of cereal for dinner, you actually made yourself some chili, or salmon with veggies, or [gulp] your own pizza.

Now can I tell you a secret? It's really hot when you do. If I knew that my incredible, "hockey on most nights of the week, don't get her started on the LeBron vs. Kobe debate" fiancee actually made herself a meal when I was out rather than sticking a tortilla in the microwave, wrapping some cheese in it and calling it dinner, well I would be just beside myself with joy.

She has minimal skills, to politely put it, she's culinarily challenged and she has been spoiled all her life by people who cook for her and has never learned to cook for herself. How to Feed Yourself started because I wanted to create some recipes that she could make with my help.

All of these recipes will be T-Tested.  I will write them, shop for them, help prep them, then cooking it is entirely up to her. And if she can feed herself when I'm not home, well so can you.